What is Bloody Castle?

Blood Castle - quest in MU Online, for which you must destroy a certain number of monsters, the gate of the castle and guarding the crystal statue of sorcerers. After you reach the statue and break it into pieces, you will receive the weapon of a wounded angel, which must be returned to its owner. After that, the angel will reward you for helping.

How to get to Blood Castle

The pass to the Blood Castle is Cloak of Invisibility (Cloak of Invisibility). It is created in Chaos Machine. To create it, you will need Scroll of Archangel, Blood Fang (they should all be the same level) and one Jewel of Chaos (not needed to create Cloak of Invisibility +1). All this is combined with a different probability of luck and requires a certain amount of Zen.

Blood Fang +[1-7]   Blood Scroll +[1-7]   1x Jewel of Chaos   Cloak of Invisibiliy +[1-7]


Quest time

Messenger of Archangel

At a certain time in the game MUonline messages begin to appear: "6 (5,4,3,2,1) minute (s) left before entry into Blood Castle". As soon as you see such a message, do not hesitate to go with Cloak of Invisibility to one of the archangels (one is in the Davias church, the other is not far from the entrance to the same church). Talk to one of them, you will see a table on the screen in which you need to select the Blood Castle level appropriate for your character (the same level should be in your inventory Cloak of Invisibility). If you did everything right, then you will be taken to Blood Castle.

Levels for ordinary
Levels for Magic Gladiator
and Dark Lord

After teleporting to Blood Castle, talk to the wounded angel. He will tell you the story of his fall and the next coming of the monsters that you have to defeat. The angel will set a goal for you - to return his holy weapon and take revenge on the monsters.

Angel weapon

Angel weapons come in three forms: sword, staff, and crossbow.

Sword Staff Crossbow



The whole quest gives you 15 minutes. At first, you’ll see a seemingly endless bridge on which you will need to kill a certain number of monsters (there are 40 monsters per MU Online player, 80 for two, etc.).
After killing the monsters and moving over the bridge to the gate of the castle, you will need to break the gate.
Once inside the castle, the first step is to kill the Magic Skeletons (there are 2 sorcerers for one MuOnline player, 4 sorcerers for two players, etc.).
After the massacre of the sorcerers, a crystal statue will appear, in whose hands the angel's weapon is located. The statue needs to be broken.
Pick up weapons, go back to the angel, simultaneously fighting off monsters. Now you only need to give the weapon to the owner.

Quest is completed! And you get a reward 1 random jewel "Jewel of Creation, Guardian, Harmony"

How to create a blood castle ticket at Chaos Machine

Chaos Goblin

Pass to the appropriate level of the Blood Castle (accessories must be the same level). Cook only on the second and third server.
To create, select the first sub-item of Regular Combination.

Blood Fang +[1-7]   Blood Scroll +[1-7]   1x Jewel of Chaos   Cloak of Invisibiliy +[1-7]




  • 300 WCoins.
  • Quest is completed! And you get a reward 1 random jewel "Jewel of Creation, Guardian, Harmony"