Selupan is a boss in the game Mu online, his lair is in the snowy lands of LaCleon

1) Entering the location LaCleon
2) The gate to the barefoot
3) Selupana's Lair

The Hatchery Gate open quest alert, the gate to Selupan is open.After entering the lair, you will need to destroy the clutch of the boss.

After a while Selupan will summon spiders to help himself..

Spider Eggs1

Spider Eggs2

Spider Eggs3


Selupan has appeared. The Hathcery Gates will be closed in 5 minutes the gate to the lair will close in five minutes.After the gate closes, the Selupan boss will appear.

Selupan Kill reward

Item: Blood Angel Set

WCoin: 300
Drop item count: 5


Selupan is a very strong boss with a huge amount of life and protection, using a large number of skills: poison, freeze, teleport, knockback, guard summon. After the successful completion of the raid, Selupan will resume its forces exactly one day from the minute of death and will again be ready to meet with the inhabitants of the continent Mu Online, encroached on his possessions. A drop from Selupan is an Excellent Soket item.