What is Devil's Square

Devil's Square – this is a quest to test the strength and stamina of a MU Online player. The winners will be rewarded with experience and a huge amount of Zen.

How to get to Devil's Square

Devil's Square pass is the Devil's Square Invitation. It is created in the Chaos Machine. To create it you need Devil's Key and Devil's Eye.(they should all be of the same level) and one Jewel of Chaos (not needed to create Devil's Square Invitation +1). All of this can be combined with varying chances of luck and requires a certain amount of Zen.

Devil's Key +[1-7]   Devil's Eye +[1-7]   1x Jewel of Chaos   Devil's Square Invintation +[1-7]

Quest time


At a certain time, messages start to appear in the MU Online game: "15 (10,5) minute(s) left before Devil's Square opens!". And after the specified time, a message will appear "The gates of Devil's Square are open!". As soon as you see such a message, do not hesitate to go from Devil's Square Invitation to Charon (it is located in Arkania). Talk to him, on the screen you will see a table in which you need to choose the level suitable for your character Devil's Square (Devil's Square Invitation should be of the same level in your inventory). If you did everything right, then you will be taken to Devil's Square.

Levels for ordinary
Magic Gladiator levels
and Dark Lord

After teleportation to Devil's Square, time is given to prepare for the battle and create a party from the participants present.



You are given 15 minutes for the entire quest. Stronger monsters appear every 5-7 minutes. You need to hold out in Devil's Square until the end to complete the quest.

The best MU Online players who have killed more monsters and made it to the end will be rewarded with a huge amount of XP and Zen.


  • 300 WCoins.