Chaos Castle – survival quest.Unlike other MU Online quests, in this you need to hold out as long as possible and kill all participants (monsters and players).

How to get to Chaos Castle

Armor of Guardsman

To get to Chaos Castle you need Armor of Guardsman.


  • Armor of Guardsman can be dropped from monsters in all locations.
  • You can find out the time until the next entrance by right-clicking on the Armor of Guardsman, как на Invisibility Cloak для Blood Castle.
  • To enter, click "Ok" in the window that appears, when the timer is allowed to enter.
  • PK cannot enter Chaos Castle.
  • The character will be moved to the castle corresponding to his level + a certain amount of Zen will be deducted.



  • The total number of players in Chaos Castle is 100. They are divided into:
    • Maximum number of players = 70
    • Minimum monsters = 30
  • If the number of players is less than 70, then the remaining places reserved for players are occupied by monsters.
  • The castle starts if there is at least 1 player in it (at the same level).
  • Upon entering Chaos Castle, his appearance will be changed to that of the Guardsman.
  • Only the appearance will be changed, the character's parameters will remain the same.
  • The characters will have a sword, staff and crossbow to differentiate their class.
  • Pets и summons not available in Chaos Castle.

Basic Rules

  • All characters in Chaos Castle are treated as enemies, so there is no need to use the Ctrl key for PvP.
  • Players cannot attack each other during the waiting time.
  • You cannot create a party in Сhaos Сastle.
  • The Personal Shop will be automatically closed and you will not be able to challenge or declare war on the guild.
  • Chatting is only allowed while waiting, but this feature is disabled immediately after the start.
  • Buffs can only be applied to yourself, you cannot cast another player.
  • Players' damage will be reduced by 50% while they are in Chaos Castle.
  • Your own character will be distinguishable from others so that he can distinguish himself from others (his own armor glitters).
  • Event Points: 2 points for killing a monster and 1 point for killing a player.
  • If, after all the monsters are killed, 2 players remain, then the best one will be selected by points.
  • The map will shrink due to the collapse of the floor around the perimeter of the castle as the number of remaining players (including monsters) decreases.
    • Level 1 (Remaining number of participants 40).
    • Level 2 (Remaining number of participants 30).
    • Level 3 (Remaining number of participants 20).
  • If the player is killed, he will be resurrected in Davias.


  • The monsters look the same as the players.
  • The number of monsters changes depending on the number of participants in the Chaos Castle (Minimum 30, Maximum 98).
  • There are monsters that explode after death, the explosion deals damage and knocks the character back.

The character may die

  • He can be killed by a monster or another player.
  • He can fall off the edge of the castle roof.
  • He may fall into the trap

Completing the quest

  • The quest will be completed when all other players are dead.
  • When all monsters are killed and only one player remains before closing.
  • If after the end of the quest there are more than two players left, then the ranking will be performed by the number of points.


  • The number of traps decreases when the number of participants (players and monsters) becomes less than 50.
  • Traps do the same damage, regardless of the character's defense.
  • Traps immediately kill the character, regardless of his level and protection.


  • 80% of the entry fee is paid to a randomly selected participant after the start. (Example: Castle 1: 10 members: 25,000 * 10 * 0.8 = 200,000 Zen).
  • One of the ancient set items (or Jewel of Creation, Jewel of Life or Jewel of Chaos) is a prize to the last survivor. But in Chaos Castle 1 level, Jewel of Bless, Jewel of Soul or Zen can also drop.
  • 300 WCoins.